Toyota Axio 2017 Smart-Shaped Mid-Sized Sedan Car


Toyota Axio 2017: Hybrid

Toyota Axio 2017 is an upcoming new version of the Toyota Corolla automobile brand. Lightweight, slender, and smart-shaped mid-sized sedan recently released with a swift aerodynamics exterior appearance.

It has come up with a bold and sleek apparent design consisting of stylishly fitted front LED headlights. Which is the second generation of Toyota LED headlights.

Exterior and interior design:

The Toyota Axio 2017 is a new brand, lightweight, slender, and smart-shaped mid-sized sedan vehicle. It is also available in 5 door hatchback by the name of Axio fielder hybrid.


The Toyota Axio 2017 has a bold and sleek appearance contains stylishly fitted front LED headlights, Rear tail lights, and up and down exterior mirrors with LED- lits. It is also available in different variety of exterior colors.

Impressive exterior look with 16 inches alloy wheels that finish with glossy paint. And the interior seating capacity is five with soft and swift chairs.

The Toyota Axio 2017 has a Wide and soft interior. Company fitted center display screen, air conditioning, and heating system with touch control and manual.

Engine and Transmissions:

Toyota Axio 2017 is available in different engines and transmissions with different grades. The grades, Engines, and transmissions mention below in the chart.

                    Grade                                                           Engine                                                          

Toyota Axio G                                                             1.5 L inline

Toyota Axio X                                                              1.5 L inline 

Toyota  Axio LUXEL                                                   1.8 L inline

Toyota Axio HYBRID                                                  1.5 L inline

Toyota Axio fielder                                                      1.5 L inline

Trim and Grades


Power and Torque






(1797 CC) 2ZR-FE

1.8 liter inline

(140 PS) at 6200 (rpm)

173 Nm torque at 4000 (rpm)

Super (CVT-i) with 7 speed (sport mode)





(1496 CC) 1.5 liter inline


(74 PS) at 4800 (rpm)

111 Nm torque at (3600 to 4400 rpm)


Electronic (CVT-i)


X and G

 1.5 L

(1496 CC) 1.5 L -4 inline


(110 PS) at 6000 (rpm)

138 Nm torque at 4400 (rpm)

Super (CVT-i) 5 speed / manual

1.3 (X)


(1329 CC) 1300 L -4 inline


(95 PS) at 6000 (rpm) 121 Nm torque at (4000 rpm)

Super (CVT-i)



(1797 CC) 2ZR-FE

1.8 liter -4 inline

(140 PS) at 6200 (rpm)

173 Nm torque at (4000 rpm)

 Super (CVT-i)


Performance and Specs: Toyota Axio

Toyota Axio 2017 is a brand new lightweight and smart-shaped mid-sized sedan vehicle. It is also available in 5 door hatchback design, Which is a swift aerodynamic exterior appearance.

The overall length of the car is 3.2 meters. That is slightly shorter than its previous generation. The Toyota Axio 2017 gives a Completely sporty appearance.

It has a super continuously variable timing intelligent (CVT I) transmission for customers who prefer to use their hands on the steering wheel instead of relying on their fingers to touch the gear stick shift.

The hybrid grade of the car comes with an electric motor with a 1.3 L inline engine producing 95 bhp and 121 Nm of torque at 4000 (rpm), which allows to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. 

It also comes with a 1.5 L spark-ignition gasoline engine that produces 74 Hp at 4800 (rpm) and 111 Nm torque at 3600 to 4400 (rpm). 

It is also available in two different drive train modes (AWD)(FWD) All-wheel drive and forward wheel drive trains.


Safety and Features:

After The Presentation in Japan at the Tokyo motor show 2017. the people Become crazy about the sporty design of the car and safety features when they Heard about the hybrid grade.

 It is also available with advanced safety features such as a back camera, ABS, parking assistance, an advanced airbag system, and many others.

The all-new Toyota Axio Hybrid that launches at the Tokyo Motor Show. The car has a new technology design for both safety and fuel efficiency.

It is yet another version of the Toyota Hybrid and popular car, the Toyota Prius, Known as the first hybrid back in 1997.

The 2017 Toyota Axio hybrid is equipped with a 1.5 engine (1L-FE) and an electric motor (1L-ZE). The 1L-FE can achieve a maximum of 93 horsepower with maximum torque of 129 Nm,

While the 1L-ZE can also achieve 94 hp with maximum torque of 120 Nm, which means it has more power than the Toyota Corolla's 1.5 engine. 

And thanks to the electric motor, it has an absurd 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of just 8 seconds, which gives you time to enjoy your favorite music playing at the same time.


It is important to know facts and figures about the various vehicles produced in the automotive industry. Toyota Axio Hybrid 2017 is a high-performance, efficient four-door sedan vehicle.

That comes up with a bold, attractive design and an aerodynamic appearance. It has come up with a bold and sleek apparent design which consists of stylishly fitted front LED headlights for this special edition. 

It also comes with an all-wheel-drive system which increases its fuel efficiency and power output. The brilliant exterior design by a sedan body style gives it a sporty look. 

The vehicle is specially optimized to promote eco-friendly transportation worldwide. If you are satisfied with this information, kindly share it with other people. Thanks for reading

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